Just to clarify is the $90 for 5 classes i.e. $18 each class? So you pick a day and show up the same day each week? Can mamas do drop in one time visits or only series?

Hello Holly!
Good questions.  Do you mind if I share these questions on our blog?  The series of five classes is as you say, $90 or $18 and you can come consecutively or space them out like a drop in or once or twice a week. (We haven't set a time period for the use of the series as yet - I'm not sure if we need to)  In the new schedule each age group has 3 classes offered each week, so if you miss one day you can go to the class another day that week.  We have found twice a week an excellent way to build up the strength and familiarity with the sequences that build into the next level.  And when it's a regular day of the week the Sanga or group is created and supported by the regularity of attendance - and that is a special magic of its own.  Children and parents get to know each other very well in a great environment.  It lends itself to the creation of a very healthy support system. One time visits or drop ins are fine - we will always work with where the person is in the class.  Challenging each child/parent to their appropriate level.  It was really so lovely to have you and Kaia in the workshop.  My only regret is that I did not take pictures during that wonderful session. Look forward to seeing you both soon.



Thanks Marty! Of course feel free to post this on blog. Hopefully we will make it to class this week. Nightime sleep has been difficult with teething so sometimes we just stay in more than usual!