Need help with child care?  How about a cooperative?  Here's the idea- a group of moms (and/or dads) get together and hire a mother's helper en masse.  The mother's helper plus at least one mom/dad help take care of the kids at one of the parents' houses on different days of the week; the other parents go off to work or errands or to have a pedicure.  I'm envisioning 3-5 babies and different types of contributions from the parents i.e. I live outside of Santa Barbara so can't provide location but could pay more for the helper, or give more time.  Maybe one mom has a great centrally located space and might want to be the "base" for the co-op, or maybe it's totally mobile, we'll see.  I'm really open to ideas as to how this could work but do request folks who are willing to make a serious commitment.  I would love to have the co-op operational @ 9-2 most weekdays at least, although that does not mean everyone needs to participate every day!  Also would prefer babies around one year and younger.  Several of the wonderful Climb Time assistants are available to be the mother's helper so continuity from the classes would be maintained.  Contact Candice at (805)886-1031 or and let's figure out how to give ourselves a little time and our babies a great social life!