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Level IV - Climbtime Family Yoga

$5.00 - $220.00

For Children 4 years old and up including teenagers,and young adults,  CTY presents an on going course offering 5 classes of instruction for Level IV ClimbTime Yoga™.  Class series can be used at anytime consecutive or weekly. The series purchase reduces the class cost to $20 per class for a 5 series and $18 per class for a 10 series.

ClimbTime Yoga Level III classes focus on concentration, strength, balance, fairness and flexibility in a non competitive environment for parents and children. The flow classes include the more challenging Rollling Surya Namaskaram and the “Shining Buddhi Asanas,” using the foundational moves of Climb On Me Yoga technique Levels I and II. ClimbTime Yoga creates a safe, nurturing, playful atmosphere where mothers and fathers can bond while developing physical ease and good parenting skills with their children. Good parenting skills are introduced and reinforced in a supportive community of like-minded adults. The “Shining Buddhi Asanas” and Yoga Ball work support a disciplined joyful approach to strength, flexibility and balance while encouraging a deep attachment between parent and child. 

Classes run 75 minutes.

Located at Aikido of Santa Barbara, 121 N. Milpas (Between Yanonali and Mason) 

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